Real:Life Legacy
At Real:Life Legacy we pride ourselves on giving a personal, bespoke service tailored to your individual needs, our team are here to give you the advice, guidance and support that you need. We explain the importance of later life planning including: Will Writing, Power of Attorney, Funeral Planning and Severance of Tenancy as it may apply, in a manner that is easy to understand.

We hold your hand throughout the process to give you confidence in our service and the ability to achieve your personal and individual wishes. We look to offer the highest standards of care and customer service, in every aspect of your journey in completing your will and or legacy wishes. We understand that the subject of bereavement and writing a will can be a difficult and lengthy process, so we have empathetic, professional advisers to give you the personalised, individual guidance you may need.
Will Writing
Many people put off making a Will until it is too late and this can pose all sorts of problems for the people left behind.

A Will ensures that the people that you would like to benefit actually do so, in accordance with your wishes, and at the same time avoiding any possible disputes between relatives. Most importantly is the peace of mind that making a Will can provide. A Will is not only about money or property, it can also include issues such as guardians for dependents, funeral arrangements and/or personal bequests, gifts or donations.
Power of Attorney
Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney ensures that you can be confident that even if you are ill or injured and challenged in your health, both your financial affairs and personal welfare are still being looked after by safe hands of your choosing.
Funeral Planning
It is not an easy decision to make, simply because it is not always easy to think about planning your own Funeral. A lot of people avoid facing this issue altogether, but there are many reasons why a Pre-paid Funeral Plan could be right for you. Real:Life Legacy have qualified funeral plan advisers that can help tailor a bespoke funeral plan that suits your preferred requirements in all details.
Further - Real:Life Care
One year of care fees can cost on average £40,000. When somebody first goes into care there should be an initial assessment to decide the allocation of fees between private or NHS funding. Whilst an initial assessment may be accurate, with time, many clients experience a decline in their health but, do not get reassessed. If reassessment does not take place this can result in overpayment. With our help, advice and guidance we will start the process to reclaim any overpaid care fees, where possible. During the COVID 19 Pandemic many clients have suffered and had no reassessment of their situation.

As specialists in the field of reclaiming overpaid care fees it may be possible to go back as far as 2013 and include cases where the client is no longer alive.
I have found the Real:Life team to be efficient, caring and understanding and always willing to put in the extra effort to achieve the best possible outcome. I do not begrudge one penny of their fee. Without the fantastic support of Real:Life throughout the entire process, it would never have been possible to pursue our claim to a successful conclusion
Mr Maselkowski - Oxon