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Real Life Legacy provides a caring, professional service which is tailor made to any individual to suit their needs. We offer an advice based service to make the process of writing a will (or updating an existing will) as simple as possible.

Alongside a will, we look to include as part of our service a "will clarity statement". This document is designed as a "reasons why" explanation to give background as to why the content of your will has been written in the way that you had wished for.

The benefit of a "will clarity statement" is that it is designed to minimise or remove the possible risk of your will being contested or challenged at Probate, meaning that your wishes are clearly heard, whilst reducing the risk of a successful claim or challenge to your will.

Probate is the legal process in which any will is "proven" and accepted as a valid public document. This is the point where an individual's estate is then; executed and decided, administered, including dealing with debts, bequests, gifts or when any other financial or non-financial decisions are finalised, so that assets can be released.

The role of executor, at the time of probate is a very important decision for you to make. Many people consider the choice of a family member or friend to fulfil this role. We would recommend using a professional executor with experience of the legal processes required, who are not suffering any emotional investment in a bereavement. We recommend Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation Ltd, who are able to provide a recognised, professional and quality service as executors and, or trustees.

The storage of your will, for safe keeping and to ensure that it is available when required, is also an important decision. Professional executors can offer will storage facilities for a nominal sum which ensures that your will will not be lost.

Real Life Legacy will discuss your individual requirements and offer advice on each of the points listed above, as per your personal preferences.